Magicut Files for Non-Ferrous Metals and Alloy Steels

Magicut Files for Non-Ferrous Metals and Alloy Steels

If you often find yourself filing different materials, you will have found that when working with brass and aluminium, your normal single-cut or double cut files can quickly become clogged and the filings can only be removed after a long and tedious session with the file brush. With some highly alloyed steels one often has the same problem.

The Magicut File from Nicholson is a single-cut file, but the rows of teeth are broken up by grooves running at a right angle to the teeth. The serrations break the teeth up into shorter sections that allow them to free themselves of the filings. The serrations also allow the file to cut metal and smooth it on the same stroke.

The clean, smooth cuts produced by the Magicut file mean that it can be used in place of the classic single-cut files which, because if used with light pressure, produce a very clean surface, are often used to sharpen knives and hatchets, for instance, with the additional bonus of the self-cleaning action mentioned above. More ...

Flat Magicut File
Teeth on three sides, one of the narrow sides is smooth

Flat Magicut FileFlat Magicut File

Cutting length Cross section Order nr. Price
200 mm 20 x 4.9 mm 314100 cart € 8.50

Dieter Schmid - Fine Tools
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